Test z anglického jazyka

  1. I... 30 years old.

  2. Tom... got two cameras now.

  3. Where's Jack?
    He ... the car.
    is repairing

  4. For starters you can have:
    chicken and rice
    cheese or cake
    soup or salad

  5. In a living room there is:
    a garage
    a sofa
    a bath

  6. To get from a town to a small village, you can take:
    a train
    a plane
    the underground

  7. I... at 6 a.m.,... to work at 7 a.m. and... home at 6 p.m.
    have got up, went, come
    was get up, was go, was come
    got up, went, came

  8. This hotel room is... and... than the other one.
    more lovely, comfortabler
    lovelyer, more comfortable
    lovelier, more comfortable

  9. Yesterday I... a new film with Nicole Kidman but I also like reality shows. I... many of them on TV.
    bought, have seen
    byed, have seen
    buyed, saw

  10. I've got a terrible backache.
    Drink a glass of water very slowly.
    Do you want some tissues?
    Do you want a painkiller?

  11. You can use stamps for:
    taking pictures
    sending letters
    leaving messages

  12. At work every month you receive:
    a salary
    an exam
    a celebration

  13. I... to the centre when I... my old friend in the park.
    was walking, met
    walked, met
    walked, was meeting

  14. She ... go out because her father has forbidden it. She ... tidy the whole house.
    must, has got
    mustn't, has to
    has to, musts

  15. Match the correct modals with the correct expressions:
    *vote in elections, marry after 18
    *pay on public transport, watch your money
    *steal, be impolite
    can, should, should not
    may, cannot, ought to
    should not, could, could not

  16. Which is the correct order of the events at the airport:
    board the plane, check in, land, fasten seatbelts, get off the plane
    check in, land, board the plane, get off the plane, fasten seatbelts
    check in, board the plane, fasten seatbelts, land, get off the plane

  17. They are determined, ambitious and strong. They have needed:
    determination, ambition, strength
    determiness, ambitioning, strongness
    determinology, ambitiousness, strength

  18. Hang-gliding and scuba-diving belong to:
    everyday activities
    ordinary activities
    adventure activities

  19. *Don't climb that wall. You... your leg!
    *Ready to order?
    I... the steak with chips.
    *The next train... in two minutes.
    are breaking, am having, will go
    will break, have, is going
    are going to break, will have, goes

  20. *If I get my bonus at work I... round Denmark.
    *If I spoke perfect English I... a better job.
    *If I hadn't worked so hard I... a backache.
    travel, got, would have had
    will travel, would get, wouldn't have had
    will travel, had got, would have

  21. She took the money.
    Oh, she ... taken it.
    should have
    shouldn't have
    could have

  22. *His line's free now, caller. I'm just putting you...
    *Hallo, John, hallo... - the line's gone dead. I think we've been cut...
    *Sony, mum, my taxi is already here. I've got to hang ...
    through, off, up
    in, up, on
    across, back, off

  23. Do you happen to have some change?
    Well, I'd rather you didn't.
    Actually, I don't think you're allowed to.
    I'm afraid not.

  24. Which THREE adjectives express a NEGATIVE meaning:
    narcissistic, suspicious, narrow-minded
    forward-thinking, thrustworthy, lazy
    egalitarian, superficial, distant

  25. She promised... every day.
    She suggested... gardening.
    me to write, to me taking up
    to write to me, taking up
    to me to write, me to take up

  26. *It will definitely happen =
    *It may happen =
    *It definitely won't happen =
    There's no doubt that..., The changes are that..., There's no way
    I'd imagine that..., I think that..., I doubt whether...
    I'm certain that..., It's bound to happen, It's unlikely to happen

  27. Mark the opposites:
    *on the surface
    *at the time
    *on paper
    deep down, in retrospect, in reality
    in public, in the end, in practice
    on screen, at the end, in private

  28. What do you complain about?
    *It keeps stalling.
    *The shutter keeps jamming.
    *It won't work.
    TV, a car, a door
    a toilet, a video, a computer
    a car, a camera, central heating

  29. *I was in stitches. =
    *I nearly hit the roof. =
    *I'll never live it down. =
    I was embarrassed., I was stunned., I was devastated
    I was speechless., It was bizarre., I felt awful.
    It was hilarious., I was furious., I was embarrassed.

  30. Which THREE adjectives express a POSITIVE meaning when talking about films:
    gripping, dated, over-rated
    compelling, thought-provoking, stylish
    well-received, poignant, soppy